IMG_0008_1xvsmHow do I get ready for a night out? Let me count the ways…(Hint: it includes 9 lovely Benefit products). Mat and I always take time to go on special dates, and if they include getting pretty, dressing up, and dancing…well, that’s even better!

Today I’m sharing how I get ready for a date night, which includes a new important accessory I don’t leave without! Benefit Cosmetics has teamed up with Pinch Provisions to create the ultimate party survival kit, The POREfessional’s “Best.Night.Ever Kit”.



I’m using 9 Benefit products to create this Date Night look (and if you want more details about each product, click the item in the photo below)


Big Easy Multi Balancing Complexion Perfecter: It’s like a BB cream, but with a bit more coverage. It’s super lightweight and really easy to use.


Dab and rub, just like a moisturizer.


Fake Up Hydrating Crease Control Concealer: LOVE IT. Great for winter and really hydrating, so your under-eyes don’t look and feel like crumbled crackers.


Fine-in-One Sheer Brightening Color for Cheeks and Lips: Obsessed with any product that’s multi-purpose. Definitely a tool that never leaves my side. Especially a fan of the highlighter edge!


Hoola Bronzing Powder: Quick sweep under the cheekbones, jawline, and temples.


Big Beautiful Eyes: This eye contour kit is perfect for everyday use and great for night outs. For tonight’s case, the darker hue is calling my name.


They’re Real! Gel Liner Pen: My everyday look always includes a winged-liner, so tonight will make no exception. Let’s make it a little bolder and a little more winged.


Roller Lash: To tell you the truth, I have pretty short eyelashes that are almost dead-straight and I’ve always had a hard time curling them. The Roller Lash Mascara gives the perfect amount of volume and a slight curl, which is all that I can ask for.


LINE LIPS! My favourite part.


Hydra-Smooth Lip Color: Ugh, I can’t even begin to tell you how this lipstick feels. My lips feel like puffy clouds (and look at them before, they were DRY and cracked–to say the least). Heaven. Pure heaven. IMG_0060xvsm


Since my face is on, it’s time for some clothes and necessary accessories. Like I said earlier, my latest fave is the Best.Night.Ever Kit, which fits nice and snug in my clutch (scroll down to see contents).

IMG_0002_1sm IMG_0008_1xvsm IMG_6306sm IMG_0014_1sm


After some eating, laughing, dancing, partying, funning…it’s time to put that party survival kit to good use. What’s inside you ask? POREfessional, hair spray, breath drops, folding flats, deodorant wipes, bobby pins, and more! 

IMG_0015_1sm IMG_0020_1sm IMG_6297sm IMG_6301sm IMG_0008_2sm IMG_0010_2sm

Ready for ROUND 2!

I’ll be hosting a giveaway on my Instagram account, where 5 winners and their besties will win their own Best.Night.Ever Kit! Stay tuned! It’ll start sometime this week 🙂


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  • Style hue

    So so happy to see a new blog post from you ! Jippi 🙂
    I’m so happy to see this. Missed you on here.
    I’ve always wanted to see a makeup post from you, so this is perfect.
    The fine-in-one product seems supercool. Highlight, blush and bronzer in one = love.

    Hope you had a lovely night !


  • Jacqueline

    This was such a great and cute post! Date nights are an essential for any parent! Makeup is an awesome fun addition to it! ❤️❤️❤️

    • Alanna Durkovich

      SO true! Date nights are a must. Thank you xoxox

    • Alanna

      SO true! Date nights are a must. Thank you xoxox