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Kinky Waves Tutorial

Created a tutorial on how I create my kinky waves with short hair! I wear this look all the time, and use a straightener to achieve the waves because it’s easier to curl with short locks.

Europe Summer ’15 Video

We went to Croatia + Hungary during summer ’15! Left those files sitting on an external hard drive for over a year, so I finally put clips together and made this video. First family trip to Europe! Can’t wait to take Autumn there this summer.

'Style Jaunt' Glasgow Sneak Peek from Alanna Durkovich on Vimeo.

‘Style Jaunt’ in Glasgow–Sneak Peek!

We filmed ‘Style Jaunt‘ in Glasgow last September, and the mini trailer is finally out! I wrote about it briefly + included some photos from the trip in a previous blog post (CLICK HERE)! It’s a series by Air Transat + FLARE Magazine, and it’s all about finding those amazing addresses (part travel guide, part shopping guide) in a city through the eyes of Canadian fashionistas.

Stay tuned for the next instalment of episodes! They should be published next week. But for now…here’s the trailer! xo


Introducing ‘Style Jaunt’

Last autumn, I had the opportunity to fly down to Madrid with Air Transat and FLARE Magazine to shoot the web series, ‘Style Jaunt’. The series is all about discovering those special addresses within a city–like unique restaurants, notable shopping finds, and other interesting attractions. 

There are 3 episodes in every ‘Style Jaunt’ segment. They’ve already explored Lisbon and the Puerto Vallarta. This tme ’round, Tamy Emma Pepin and I set off on our adventure to hunt down those must-see spots in Madrid!

The first episode highlighting Madrid will be released March 9! So in the meantime, take a look at the mini 15 second teaser above!

MsLabelled Interview

I took part in a the web-series, MsLabelled, last February in Toronto. I played a version of myself, which should of made it somewhat easier…but I was still sweating bullets. I was so nervous! But it was such a blast, and I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

Check out the interview! And if you want to watch the rest of the show, click here for the Episode 1. My first appearance is Episode 12.

Random pictures below: Continue Reading

Seattle Video Diary

We took a short weekend trip to Seattle. Had some amazing food, met up with beautiful friends, and did the usual touristy things.

Love, love, love Seattle (and how we only live 2 hours away).