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Life Works in Mysterious Ways


 I had the chance to be a part of an awesome editorial with ELLE Canada + Nordstrom, so I hopped on a plane for a quick trip to Toronto last Sunday morning and came back home Monday night—ridiculously quick! Even though it was a hasty trip, I took full advantage of some minimal ‘alone’ time:  a long bath, slept in till 11, late breakfast in bed…can’t complain. Continue Reading

Back on Track


Last Saturday was mainly spent driving around doing NADA, which was something sort of amazing. These past few months have been hectic (new house, baby on the way, holidays, blogging world, family responsibilities,…LIFE—the list goes on), and we were stuck in this little engrossed bubble always doing something. Story of everyone’s life, I’m sure. Continue Reading

Girl’s Night In


I don’t know about you guys, but Vancouver was just hit with a MAJOR windstorm that made a bunch of trees fall, power was out everywhere, and the city went a bit mad. Obviously, my girls and I dealt with the situation like it was a cakewalk and considered ourselves blessed that we had a “girl’s night in” planned. 

With the sun dwindling down and electricity suddenly non-existent, we cozied up in the backyard and had bonding time without any distractions. We also had the best survival gear possible—sweets, beats, Palm Bay treats, and an instax mini to document the night. Continue Reading

Fam Date: Tulip Festival


We took a mini trip to the Skagit Tulip Festival to check out the beautiful fields of colour before they get chopped and sold. It was a perfectly sunny day and we caught the perennials at golden hour, which was amazing. AND Roozengaarde was so empty we almost had the fields to ourselves–perfect evening!

Later we got some grub at the Skagit Valley Food Co-op, which is our favourite place to grab a bite in Mount Vernon. They use fresh, organic, and locally sourced ingredients with every dish and saying it’s all delicious would be a major understatement. Vegan, vegetarian, raw, gluten-free….dey got it! My mouth is currently watering. Dammit.

OH, and Noah is wearing the sweetest backpack by Fjällräven, a Swedish company that’s been around since the 1960’s. They have framed backpacks that are super comfortable…plus they are cute to boot.

Tofino Head wrap: Iweartheheadress / Red Shoes: Dr Martens / Dress: Vintage / Striped Top: PYLO / Backpack: Fjällräven Continue Reading

Family Day


We spent the afternoon at Granville Island for Family Day. After walking indoors through the marketplace,  Noah had enough and decided to show some puddles who’s boss, which led to soaked shoes, socks and pants.

After, in a toasty car and fleecy blanket, he had the kind of nap Sandman would be jealous of.

It wasn’t the most sunshiny day, but Noah’s bona fide smile is the only sun I need.

Revolve Clothing is having their February Winter Clearance Sale Feb 13-15. I got this sweet vest + overalls from the site. Don’t forget to check the sale here!

Overalls: One Teaspoon / Vest: BlankNYC / Striped Top: PYLO / Beanie: Iweartheheadress / Shoes: T.U.K. Shoes Continue Reading

Seattle Video Diary

We took a short weekend trip to Seattle. Had some amazing food, met up with beautiful friends, and did the usual touristy things.

Love, love, love Seattle (and how we only live 2 hours away).


Dinner by Bayan

So…I’m not usually one to post about food, but in this case, I just couldn’t help myself. We were invited to experience the pop-up event, Dinner by Bayan, last Monday. It involves sitting at a shared table with random people and enjoying a multi-course meal (in our case it was 13 courses).

This was my first time attending anything like this, and I definitely didn’t know what to expect, but I’m extremely glad I went. Mouth-watering cuisine, beautifully plated asian-inspired dishes and delightful company all make this an awesome affair to check out. Although, expect to be sitting for quite some time (we were there for 4 hours). Seems like an especially long dinner, but the end of every course left excitement for the next; between every taste left wonderful conversation. If you live  in the Vancouver area or are planning to visit, I’d definitely advise to check out Dinner by Bayan.

I just want to take eeevvvverrryybooodyyy!

Continue Reading

One Sight x World Sight Day

Gosh, being able to see is the best isn’t it? And I’m not just talking about ‘seeing’ in general, I’m talking about perceiving the details of life around us—recognizing faces, witnessing a plane pass by and experiencing a beautiful snow-covered mountain. This is a privilege we’re provided with, living in a society with greater access to vision care, and it’s an issue we rarely think about. That’s an incredibly weighty paragraph, but extremely relevant and true.

There are hundreds of millions who live life without access to vision care. One Sight stated it perfectly;

“Access is Not a Luxury”

…access to sight is a basic human right.

One Sight is a non-profit providing access to quality eye care and eyewear to underprivileged communities all over the world, and in their past 25 years, they have improved the lives of more than 8 million people in 40 countries.

Tomorrow is World Sight Day, an annual day of awareness for blindness and vision impairment. Read more about One Sight and World Sight Day. Let’s work towards eradicating avoidable blindness!

xander-vintage-leopard-kam-dhillon-glasses-main Continue Reading

Here’s My BF4L












Best Friend Day already passed (June 8th), but BFF’s should be celebrated for more than one day. Our best friends, in a sense, are little pieces of us. They help mould who we become and without them, we’d most likely be different people. And for that reason, they should be celebrated!

Let me introduce you to Alex, my BF4L. We’re celebrating our friendship in this colourful blog post by repping our favourite items together. Our headpieces are from Iweartheheadress, which embrace everything we love—florals, shades of pink, and anything that is girly. Our matching raincoats are from Primark and we both have pastel Converse sneakers!

Juneau Turban: Iweartheheadress / Parka-in-a-pocket: Primark / Pastel Sneakers: Converse