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Slinged Out


I never used a sling with Noah. Or any carrier, other than my arms and stroller, for that matter. You can imagine how HAPPY I was to come across this beauty: Sakura Bloom slings. SO easy to use, and she fits snug as a bug and passes out right away every time she’s in it. It makes walking around, running errands, cleaning the house, etc. so much easier when she’s moody and wants to be held! This sling is made from linen (chambray), but a girlfriend of mine says she LOVES the silk ones. I think I’ll try that one out next! Continue Reading

First Portrait


Ugghhh, don’t you hate when you work on something and then it ALL JUST GETS DELETED. That’s what just happened with this post. I’ll make this short and sweet:

We attempted to take our first family portrait! Noah immediately had a meltdown. We managed to get 1 photo, which is actually just Mat and I trying to bribe Noah to smile. Continue Reading

Give Me A Break


Give me a break! But not yet…maybe in 2 years when Autumn hits the terrible age and Noah hits rowdy 6.

P.S. Blogging at ‘Xander Vintage’ used to be my special forum for creative freedom. Something I did solely for myself, so I wouldn’t go crazy with the mundane routine of life. But now I can’t help but incorporate my little kiddos with every shoot. Am I turning into a “mommy blogger”? dun dun dun…it’s starting to feel like it. Continue Reading

First Date


Meet Autumn Luna Malm! We took her to the park for the first time today, which was great because I was starting to get cabin fever being at home for so long. And I put makeup on. And I put clothing that wasn’t PJ’s on. And I feel SUPPEERRBBB.

I haven’t been posting as much, because I just didn’t feel very motivated/inspired to post about my outfits during pregnancy. Dressing a belly the size of a watermelon is only fun for so long… Continue Reading

Technicolour Dream in YSL Beauty’s Mascara Vinyl Couture

Who would of thought dressing eyelashes could be so fun?  YSL Beauty has just come out with Mascara Vinyl Couture, a product that transforms boring lashes into a technicolour dream. 9 new high-impact pigmented colours that make my eyes bling and my heart sing. Continue Reading

Fresh Eyes with IRIS


Seeing is great, isn’t it? Haha. No, but really, there isn’t anything quite like getting a fresh prescription. It’s straight up like seeing the world through new eyes. Everything looks 100x more beautiful…except my kitchen floor. (When I’m too lazy to clean, I take my glasses/contacts out and my house looks pristine. It works, try it).

I headed over to IRIS, to one of their newest locations in Langley, and met up with Dr. Denny Birring. I’ve had my eyes checked a million times before, but Dr. Birring somehow left me with new information about my vision/glasses/contacts that I didn’t know prior to our appointment. (Like, apparently my current contacts are biweeklies…and I thought they were monthlies. Woops). He sold me on daily contacts and introduced me to the reputable brand Maui Jims, which are sunglasses that have fully loaded lenses. Continue Reading

#RethinkReuse with Value Village


I’ve always been a fan of pre-loved clothing (that’s where this whole ‘blog’ of mine started). I’m drawn to how every piece has lived a life before living in my closet, how being fashion-forward doesn’t have to be expensive, how buying second-hand has a positive impact on the environment,…the list goes on. Continue Reading