Halloween with Value Village


Another Halloween is on it’s way, and I actually have a costume ready to go more than 24 hours from the 31st—success! I’ve partnered with Value Village to get Halloween ready, and this year I’m dressing as Sia! This outfit was fairly easy to pull together, seeing that she’s all about minimal monochromatic dressing. AND, the wig was super fun to create. Thanks to Value Village, I found the blazer and trousers in their seasonal merchandise section and a lovely Costume Consultant helped me pick out the perfect wig! To get ‘Sia-fied’, I taped the wig along the middle part, and used black hairspray (which was also from Value Village—handy) on half of the wig. To top it all off (literally), I made the bow using 2 black thrifted tee-shirts and 2 wire hangers. I wrapped the tees around the hangers and then connected them to create a nice HUGE bow.

I found this entire look at my local Value Village, and I love it! Now I just have to figure out how to see through this thing…

P.S. All Value Village stores will host free Halloween Costume Catwalk fashion shows at 3 p.m. every Thursday in October showing trendy/popular looks…so if you’re ever in a costume rut, you know where to go!


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  • Bella lauren

    i just love this adorable vintage look,you look really stunning in this Halloween outfit.