Any Decade For A Day


If you could experience any decade for the day, which would it be?

Hands down, I would head straight to the 70s. I’d take my cellphoneless body over to the disco club, where I’d get down to Donna Summers…bellbottoms flapping with every shimmy. Then I’d drive my VW Beetle (sans seatbelt) with tunes from David Cassidy blasting in the background, my feathered hair blowing in the cigarette smoke-filled air. Over to home where I can lay on my orange shag carpet, admiring Harrison Ford in his prime. I could probably do all the above current day…but it just wouldn’t be authentic, OKAY?

With a little help from my friend, Secret Location, this outfit’s got me one step closer to the time period. Starting from the bottom, these patchwork denim beauties by Caroline Kummelstedt make me feel 10 inches taller (ready for those killer 70s platforms). I’m feeling like a beautiful sunset in this open shoulder knit jumper by David Koma. Would I ever think I’d wear something from David Koma? Nope, not really. But today is the day, and I’m dying. Last, but certainly not least, THIS JACKET is the bomb! Wanda Nylon knows their rainwear, and even though I probably wouldn’t wear it in the rain, it looks cool AF.

Now, let me close my eyes and pretend it’s the Psychedelic Seventies. I’m on my way to the roller rink, ciao.

(Everything is from Secret Location, and they exclusively carry these brands in Vancouver–AMAZING)

Jacket: Wanda Nylon / Jumper: David Koma / Denim: Caroline Kummelstedt

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  • Lex MG

    I Dig it !

    • Alanna

      Thanks gurl! 🙂

  • B.A.D style Adriana Barar

    The jacket is really beautiful but the jeans,,, I don’t really like. Maybe in a more simple combination.

    • Alanna

      Definitely get where you are coming from! This is for sure a busy look, haha! xoxo