Give a Sh!rt with Value Village


It’s back-to-school time! And even though I’m not heading back to school anytime soon, my wee little 4 year old is on his way to preschool (and obviously he needs some new gear).

I’m partnering with Value Village to promote their latest initiative, which is to save 700 million gallons of water. How? by making your next new T-shirt a thrift one.

It can take over 700 gallons of water to make one cotton T-shirt. That’s crazy. I want to drink that water, NOT WEAR IT.

I’ll be making a trip to Value Village this week to get Noah some new thrifted threads, and I’ll be happy to know that we’ll be reducing our clothing footprint by doing so!

It’s so important to do our part for the environment, and it’s as simple as reusing: buying thrift over new.

Also, National Thrift Shop Day is coming up on August 17th…head over to Value Village and “show that you give a sh!rt

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  • Style hue

    I had no idea it took so much water to make a tee. I try not to buy much to begin with, but rather just wear basics, but buying vintage definitely is a great way to go ☺.
    Would love to see a video with your buying vintage tips and where to go