First Portrait


Ugghhh, don’t you hate when you work on something and then it ALL JUST GETS DELETED. That’s what just happened with this post. I’ll make this short and sweet:

We attempted to take our first family portrait! Noah immediately had a meltdown. We managed to get 1 photo, which is actually just Mat and I trying to bribe Noah to smile.

Alanna: Jacket: Zara / Shorts: RES Denim / Sandals: RAYE / Top: Old Navy

Autumn: Two Piece: H&M / Shoes: Minimoc

Noah: Jumper: King & Sage / Jacket: Vintage Levi’s / Shoes: Native

Mat: Tank: H&M / Shorts: Zara / Shoes: Old Navy

IMG_6330sm IMG_6436sm IMG_6409xvsm IMG_6481sm IMG_6381xvsm IMG_6346sm IMG_6349sm IMG_6383sm IMG_6457sm IMG_6421sm

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