Fresh Eyes with IRIS


Seeing is great, isn’t it? Haha. No, but really, there isn’t anything quite like getting a fresh prescription. It’s straight up like seeing the world through new eyes. Everything looks 100x more beautiful…except my kitchen floor. (When I’m too lazy to clean, I take my glasses/contacts out and my house looks pristine. It works, try it).

I headed over to IRIS, to one of their newest locations in Langley, and met up with Dr. Denny Birring. I’ve had my eyes checked a million times before, but Dr. Birring somehow left me with new information about my vision/glasses/contacts that I didn’t know prior to our appointment. (Like, apparently my current contacts are biweeklies…and I thought they were monthlies. Woops). He sold me on daily contacts and introduced me to the reputable brand Maui Jims, which are sunglasses that have fully loaded lenses.

I have a ton of inexpensive fashion sunglasses in my collection, and the lenses aren’t always top-quality. It was time to get another pair of sunglasses that actually protect my eyes. I scoured through IRIS’s collection of eyewear, trying on frames by Ray-Ban, Marc by Marc Jacobs, etc. Ultimately, I fell in love with a classic pair of Maui Jims. The lenses are just incomparable (wipes out glare and 100% of  harmful UVA/UVB rays, the lenses are polarized, scratch resistant and list goes on).

I also got a pair of Seraphin eyeglasses, but was struggling between 2 different pairs for the longest time (pictures of the 2 below). Finally chose the one, which I LOVE (totally made the right choice). Which pair did I choose? I’ll show ya next blog post 😉


Just me, my new Maui Jim’s from IRIS, the sun, and a summery mocktail. Happy camper!

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