My Constants with Secret Location


You know those days…where nothing looks good? It’s not quite fitting how it’s supposed to? The moleholes of clothes all over the floor just aren’t cutting it? Those days are waaay too common lately, mainly due to a little girl growing inside of me. (2 months to go!)

But what I have are my constants—a collection of things that ALWAYS fit and make me feel good, no matter how bloated—or pregnant—I am. Today is definitely one of those days, but I have my posse of ridiculously cool items from Secret Location that make me see through rose-coloured glasses. These pieces are also carried exclusively at Secret Location here in Vancouver.

Are you ready for all these AHH-mazing pieces?

IMG_2879sm IMG_2814sm

Lalique Santal Candle: Hints of patchouli,  spicy cardamom, cumin… warm exotic scents I fully stand behind.


Aperlai Sneakers: these white trainers are complete bliss disguised as a shoe. Brightly coloured, metallic, snake-skinned, geometric, colour-blocked…dare I say more?


Yazbukey ‘White Parrot’ Earrings: How could these not brighten someone’s day? These statement earrings are quirky, playful, and something out of my dreams.

IMG_2918xvsm IMG_2968xvsm

Oh yea, that beautiful ‘cigarettes’ piece? That’s a clutch from Yazbukey as well <3 <3 <3 <3


These House of Holland press on nails are SO much fun! And they’re only like $20 dollars and last 10ish days (or more). They have a bunch of designs at Secret Location currently, but these caught my eye. Plus they go too well with this Coca-Cola novel set (Also from Secret Location). HAPPY PLACE.


Catching up on the coolest magazines, since Secret Location curates the best of the best when it comes to trendy, interesting reads.


Last but not least, this Alison Lou necklace says it all: Be happy, and party.


Secret Location just added a bunch of items online, so if you’re loving anything, use code at checkout for 15% off: XANDER15


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