Officially sick with the cold again, or should I say my WHOLE family is sick with the cold again. Thanks to Noah’s preschool and all those darn kids. THANKS PRESCHOOL.

This moto jacket from AMENPAPA is pretty sick as well. Paired with frayed denim culottes and flowy black tunic, I’m one choker away from a full blown virus. OH WAIT, got the choker! I now have a chronic case of the chicken pox.

This post is not making sense. THANKS PRESCHOOL.

Jacket: AMENPAPA / Culottes: Zara / Blouse: H&M / Choker: Topshop / Boots: Aldo

IMG_9442sm IMG_9469sm IMG_9452sm IMG_9422sm IMG_9446sm IMG_9407sm

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  • Diana D.

    Your style! ♥ Dijoun&Klaudi

  • Elise Ward Joyce

    I am sorry that you are sick, but you look GORGEOUS!! Love the jacket, and your hair is amazing!

    xx, Elise

  • Style hue

    Loving your jacket and the new hair color looks great on you <3 Im so sick of the cold. First I got sick, then 10 days later I was fine. Then a few days later my boyfriend got sick, and then a few days later I got a cold again….. Arrrrg

    I hope you guys feel better soon 🙂