Life Works in Mysterious Ways


 I had the chance to be a part of an awesome editorial with ELLE Canada + Nordstrom, so I hopped on a plane for a quick trip to Toronto last Sunday morning and came back home Monday night—ridiculously quick! Even though it was a hasty trip, I took full advantage of some minimal ‘alone’ time:  a long bath, slept in till 11, late breakfast in bed…can’t complain.

The shoot went well (comes out this April)! What I wore during the ELLE shoot pretty much hid the baby bump, but you’ll see a photo below (bottom of post) where I show off the little lump for the first time! 4.5 months in 🙂

With my first pregnancy, I didn’t announce it until I was around 6 months preggo. That experience was a little different than this time ’round…

I was 21, still in school studying Communications, and the ‘partying lifestyle’ was in full force. Mat and I had been together 2 years at that point, when HELLO, I found out I was pregnant. To describe it lightly, I was terrified—spouts of full fledged bawling, several panic attacks, general feelings of pessimism + doom. Mathew was my calming grace. He was stoked from the moment I yelled, “OMFG, THERE’S 2 LINES“. Little did I know that the most-rewarding, life-changing miracle was about to occur in this little ol’ life of mine.

 If I didn’t have Noah, I’d most likely have an office job in the Communications sector (don’t get me wrong, that’d be cool too). But now, I luckily get to be a mommy to a sweet little dude, wifey to sweet big dude, and a grateful-ass chick who gets to express herself through fashion via the crazy world of blogging. Life works in mysterious ways.

Now there’s the second little babe on the way—which, might I add, was planned 😛

Coat: ASOS / Jeans: Sun + Shadow / Hat: ASOS / Shirt: Vintage

IMG_8011sm IMG_7987sm IMG_7985sm IMG_8005sm IMG_7994sm



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  • elaine

    I am so incredibly happy for you 🙂
    Love your looks and pictures with your son + mat. Cannot wait to see another little person on them

    • Alanna

      SO sweet! Thank you so much. We’re so excited to add a little girl to group! xo

  • Feyi A
    • Alanna

      Thank you 🙂 xo

  • Claire Ramirez

    Love this shoot!

    • Alanna

      Thanks Claire! <3

  • Adele Pentland

    great outfit! you speak so honestly about your personal experiences too 🙂

    • Alanna

      Thanks lovely! Definitely trying to speak more honestly about life in general. Many times we’re viewing this perfect image of what people want to show online, but the authentic stories are what people relate to the most! Or, at least, I hope so 😛 xoxo

  • Style hue

    Wow such a story <3 Life works in mysterious ways! Congrats on the Elle Canada Shoot 🙂 Can't wait till it comes out!
    Also of course wish you all the luck with the new baby <3