Forever You with Forever 21


In the midst of Fashion Month, it isn’t hard to notice the slew of street style images popping up on all of our screens. We watch as fashionistas explore trends and take them to the extreme, but fashion isn’t about unthinkingly following the hottest trends. These fashionistas have flair, sheer magnetism and a distinct understanding of what their personal style is. It’s this familiarity—and resulting confidence— that is so enchanting.

Personal style is all about finding pieces that are “you”, and Forever 21 is a good place to curate a collection of pieces that compliment your evolving fashion personality. It’s time to find clothing that you’ll love forever, regardless of what anyone else has to say or even what trend is currently dominating the scene. ‘Cause really, style is what you choose. Forever You!

Jacket: Forever 21 / Dress: Forever 21 / Hat: Forever 21 / Earrings: Forever 21

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