Puerto Rico: Flight Carry-On Essentials


Mat and I leave for another adventure on Sunday; an adventure that is much needed (especially from our little guy). Every few months, Mat and I leave for a getaway just to ourselves, mainly to get away from life’s roles and focus on each other/ fully unwind. This time we’re off to San Juan, Puerto Rico!

Can’t wait to post a city guide for San Juan (Romantic Edition of course) and about our stay at the lovely Marriott San Juan!

 But let’s talk about packing! It should require major thought/organization. Having a bag full of crap we don’t need is the worst, especially when we’re constantly going in and out of our bags pre/mid/post flight.

I’ve included a detailed list of the major components of my carry-on, which is usually the same whenever I fly somewhere:


1. PINS – Obviously these aren’t a necessity when traveling, I just so happened to see/label them first! But how fun are these Hayley Elsaesser pins? They’re super summery as well, which is always a bonus.

2. TOTE – I always use a large tote to throw all my stuff in, and Steve Madden has some awesome totes for affordable prices. Love all the extra pockets and hidden compartments for jamming more items in.

3. SCARF – This one is from Iweartheheadress, and it’s silk is so soft and delicate it makes me want to cover my body in it. It’s hand-dyed and perfect for accessorizing a bag, covering face mid-flight, pulling back messy post-flight hair, and the list goes on and on and on and on…and on.

4. PHONE ACCESSORIES – Happy Plugs get me. iPhone charging cable and headphones are rose gold—LOVE. The charging cable is extra long and charges super quick. The portable charger is great too, especially if you’re one of those people who is constantly on social media…not me though. Not me.


  • HAIR CLIPS: Duh.
  • SANDALS: When going somewhere tropical, I always carry some lightweight sandals in my bag for when we land. Nothing like taking off those sweaty socks and sneakers and letting the feet breath in some of that tropical air!
  • EYEWEAR: I packed my favourite sunnies from the Iweartheheadress x Fellow Earthlings collaboration they did recently. Also, eyeglasses. I’ve had my contacts fall out by accident numerous of times, so eyeglasses are a must.
  • RINGS: Cause the fingers need love too!

6. COSMETICS – A few of my favourite basics, perfect for those quick touch-ups (from left to right):

  • Anastasia Clear Brow Gel: I can use this to keep brow hairs in place without the need for a brow pencil. One of my favourite products!
  • Givenchy Very Irresistible: I have to admit, I’ve been wearing this perfume since high-school. I should probably change it up…but I just can’t.
  • Hand Sanitizer: Cause we all know why.
  • Bio Oil: Shiny legs = happy legs (even if they aren’t shaved).
  • EOS lipbalm: 1, 3, 20…there is no such thing as too many EOS lip balms–seriously.

8. READING/WRITING/ETC: Passport, magazines, notepad, and iPad all have a special and important place inside tote.

9. GOODIES: treats, obvs.


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