Dinner by Bayan

So…I’m not usually one to post about food, but in this case, I just couldn’t help myself. We were invited to experience the pop-up event, Dinner by Bayan, last Monday. It involves sitting at a shared table with random people and enjoying a multi-course meal (in our case it was 13 courses).

This was my first time attending anything like this, and I definitely didn’t know what to expect, but I’m extremely glad I went. Mouth-watering cuisine, beautifully plated asian-inspired dishes and delightful company all make this an awesome affair to check out. Although, expect to be sitting for quite some time (we were there for 4 hours). Seems like an especially long dinner, but the end of every course left excitement for the next; between every taste left wonderful conversation. If you live  in the Vancouver area or are planning to visit, I’d definitely advise to check out Dinner by Bayan.

I just want to take eeevvvverrryybooodyyy!

Cost: $95 per person/$145 per person including wine pairing    (10+ courses)

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