Channelling Bill Cosby








This two-piece is called the ‘Bill Cosby’ sweater set. Urban Dictionary defines a ‘Cosby Sweater‘ as:

"An act of eating Fruit Loops, Fruity Pebbles, Trix, and Boo Berry- or any other 'bright, colorful' breakfast cereals- and then vomitting the tacky, dazzling mixture onto your chest. The result should look similar to the incredible sweaters that Bill Cosby wore during his highly successful 1980's sitcom "The Cosby Show"

Which is hilarious, and I can totally see the resemblance. As awesome as the ‘Cosby Sweater‘ is, this Pylo two-piece is much better and is 100% more flattering. The material is perfect for early autumn and I love the use of pastel pink. I paired the sweater set with a trendy black backpack and extremely comfortable black platforms (I wore these babies all day during NYFW, and my feet weren’t throbbing after).

Bill Cosby Sweater Set:

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