NYFW with Chictopia x Ariat Pt.1

I entered into the Chictopia x Ariat contest for a chance to win a trip to NYFW and pair of Ariat boots. Due to the gorgeous judges (Jag Lever, Sazan, and Nany’s Klozet), I was picked as one of the winners!

I knew New York was extremely lively, but I definitely didn’t prepare myself fully for the actual bustle of the city. There was barely room to rest, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

After a few times getting lost on the Subway, we regained our confidence and took on the gritty means of transportation with ease.

We met up with the Chictopia team to get started on a video about our time at NYFW wearing our awesome Ariat boots.

These Ariat boots are literally made for walking. I walked around the city ALL DAY, and these boots were so comfortable. They left my feet with zero blisters or swelling. Plus, they look awesome with my outfit!

After shooting, we rushed over to Lincon Center to catch the Custo Barcelona show!

The busy errands of the day came to a close and we finally got a chance to eat some food and relax a bit!

Stay tuned for our 2nd day in New York wearing my Ariat boots!

A huge thank you to Chictopia, Ariat Boots, Jag Lever, Sazan,  and Nany’s Klozet!

Photographer: Alexandra Hahn

Versant Boot: Ariat International

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