Wearable Art and Flattering Bums

What does your ‘go-to’ everyday casual look consist of? Well, mine involves two necessities–a pair of leggings and a killer iPhone case.

Leggings are a comfort-seekers dream. Wanting ‘fashionable’ leggings that are extremely flattering can be tricky, but luckily Iweartheheadress is here to save the day. Owner/Designer, Sarah Shabacon, collaborated with Vancouver artist, Luis Lopa, in order to create wearable art and flattering bums. Oh yes, did I mention poly-spandex is my best friend? The leggings aren’t only inspired, but they shape your buns and sausages (a.k.a legs) supremely. The last thing you want are thin cotton leggings that allow jiggle/jaggle to occur and leave nothing to the imagination–Lopa Leggings do just the opposite.

Being a blogger (and a prime example of a stereotypical young adult who’s a slave to technology), I bring my phone everywhere with me. Most likely, it’s in my hands throughout the entire day (horrible, I know). Anyways, if my phone is going to be appearing outside the dark and lonely contents of a purse, then it will become part of my ‘look’ (helping accessorize by it’s use of pretty cases).

This one is a beauty, and goes with my current outfit flawlessly. Zero Gravity is the genius behind this Hydra iPhone 5 Case, and the coolness doesn’t stop there. They have tons of awesome cases waiting to be picked up; and if your not interested in buying, take a look and admire the cases regardless–they are little handheld pieces of art.

Lopa Leggings: Iweartheheadress x Luis Lopa / Hydra iPhone Case: Zero Gravity / White Arizona Sandals: Birkenstock / Power Blue Blazer: Forever 21 / Sweater: Vintage

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