Safe-Fashion for the Fashion-Forward

My gay best-friend, Travis,  saw these photos and told me I reminded him of a modern Jackie O, which in his opinion is the “highest compliment [he] could give since Jackie O is amazing” (his words, not mine). Although it wasn’t the look I was aiming for, I took it as the sweetest remark. Jackie O is an icon who’s style is timeless.

Unlike Jackie O’s flair, this look will not be timeless. HOWEVER it does utilize a fail-safe technique that everyone should apply. Always incorporate both timeless pieces and trending/fun items into a look. For example, I’m doting a pastel sweater and essential white tote–which in my book are pieces that will endure the tenacious world of fashion.

Then we have modern items that are popular and playful. A funky print and eccentric sunnies are pieces that will die out and resurrect themselves a million times over. The heels are in limbo; black heels are classic, yet the style is current. Either way, they complete a look that practises safe-fashion.

This approach is great for someone who’s style is reserved, but desires to be more ‘fashion-forward’. It allows you to feel much more comfortable wearing unconventional pieces, since the timeless will neutralize the oddity (as long as you’re sensible). People will notice a ceramic bowl on your head no matter how ‘timeless’ you dress.

Floral Long-Sleeve Outfit: AMIclubwear / Angie Tote: La Moda / Round Square Cut-Out Sunnies: zeroUV / Cut-Out Bootie Heels: AMIclubwear / Powder Blue Sweater: F21

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