In Love With Duchesse Paris

Tee time with Mathew, who just so happens to be my love, baby-daddy, and photographer. He’s taken 99% of my photos–and being an Electrical Engineer who was forced into being my cameraman with no prior experience with photography…I’d say he is pretty goddamn talented. I’m just happy he’s stepped forward from behind the camera and is finally in frame with me!

We both decided to showcase our awesome Duchesse Paris tees, which are known for their psychedelic and kaleidoscopic graphics. Most of the shirts are unisex and the visuals are unreal! Take a looksie and be matchy–but not too matchy– with your luvah!

Twin Tiger T-Shirt Moucheté: Duchesse Paris / T-Shirt Noir Women: Duchesse Paris

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  • Jessica Luxe

    Such a trendy couple, those shirts are manifique!

  • milex


  • K/F/K

    Lovin these tees! I’m definitely going to check Duchesse out, great finds.

  • miellonka

    I love your hair! You look amazing! 🙂

  • Karolayn Rodriguez

    You both look so good, and I love your hair!