Embracing Rain

It was another rainy day in Vancouver. I should be unsusceptible to the constant downpour, yet the hunger for sun is fixed. I was burnt out from the endless gloom that is Vancouver weather, so I said “f*&% it” and put on my Motel co-ordinate set, AMIclubwear hologram sandals, fringe jacket, and zeroUV mirrored sunnies. If the sun won’t shine, I’ll embrace the rain.

I don’t remember the last time I purposely stood out in the rain. I usually run from one cover to the next, face hidden from the threat of a measly raindrop. The way people dash through rainfall, you would think it was fatal–or at least injurious. Sure, it can be disagreeable, but I think its beauty is undervalued.  God, I love gorgeously styled hair. And yes, I have a full face of makeup–but today I welcomed the showers with eyes toward the sky, fringe lifted tall, and sandals in hand. There’s nothing quite like bare feet on wet grass.

Sun, Moon, and Stars Two-Piece: Motel / Hologram Sandals: AMIclubwear / Mirrored Sunglasses: zeroUV / Fringe Jacket: H&M

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