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March 2014

In Love With Duchesse Paris

Tee time with Mathew, who just so happens to be my love, baby-daddy, and photographer. He’s taken 99% of my photos–and being an Electrical Engineer who was forced into being my cameraman with no prior experience with photography…I’d say he is pretty goddamn talented. I’m just happy he’s stepped forward from behind the camera and is finally in frame with me!

We both decided to showcase our awesome Duchesse Paris tees, which are known for their psychedelic and kaleidoscopic graphics. Most of the shirts are unisex and the visuals are unreal! Take a looksie and be matchy–but not too matchy– with your luvah!

Twin Tiger T-Shirt Moucheté: Duchesse Paris / T-Shirt Noir Women: Duchesse Paris

Bewitching Blue

I totally believe cobalt blue is one of the most captivating colours you can wear! It’s vivid, eye-catching, and the perfect transitional colour for Spring. I’ve included blue in 3 major pieces–a color-block cross bag, The Vagabond Queen geode necklace, and zeroUV mirrored sunnies.

The Owner/Designer behind The Vagabond Queen, Danielle Barbe, gifted me with this stunning geode necklace, and it is truly one of my favourite pieces in my collection. The quality and one-of-a-kind detailing of this handmade beauty are two prime reasons why this statement piece is another must-have for Spring.

This look also includes a boho open stitch sweater from Dex, which is awwwesome for festival season coming up!

P.S. I admire people who have tattoos, but I’ll never get one. The closest I’ll get to tattooing my body will be when I wear these Chicwash tights!

Open Stich Sweater: Dex / Crawford Dress: Nasty Gal / Geode Necklace: The Vagabond Queen / Script Tattoo Tights: Chicwash / Mirrored Sunnies: zeroUV / Heeled Booties: Aldo / Vegan Leather Cross Bag: Urban Expressions

Red, White, and Blue

Two-piece sets with a matching print should be a priority–especially in regards to completing a closet for the impending warm season. The best reason to purchase these fine sets are due to convenience; simply throw on the duo, and you’ll have a complete outfit that is simple and stylish. I just love!

If you want to find amazing two-piece selections for Spring/Summer, take a look at the Brit fashion label, Motel. Their prints are unique and ecclectic, and the styles vary. Shorts, pants, skirts, short-sleeved, long-sleeved, halters–you name it, they got it. The two piece that I’m wearing is from Motel, and I’ve worn another Motel pairing in a previous post. I’m all set for longer days and warmer nights!

Dana Crop and Mizzy Shorts Pack in Blue Paisley: Motel / Animal Print Booties: Nasty Gal / Brass Collar: The Vagabond Queen / Headwrap: Iweartheheadress

Dress Your Tee 3 Ways

The ‘t-shirt‘ is one of the most–if not THE most–common item in everyone’s closet.  Most likely, you’re pairing a tee with the comfiest PJ bottoms for lounging ’round the house, or you’re having a “jeans and t-shirt” kind of day. Whatever way you dress your tee, there is no denying that we need and love them–but sometimes we get into a bit of a rut when it comes to stepping outside the box when wearing them.

No–they aren’t the most glamorous article of clothing, however, don’t let that fool you. There are countless ways you can use a tee to change up a certain look. I’ve used my Top Knot Goods “No Rest For The Rad” t-shirt to create 3 different outfits, demonstrating how you can change up a ‘casual tee‘ ensemble by making it more chic and captivating.


A ridiculously easy way to wear a tee is to throw it over a dress and belt it at the waist. Layering is pretty hard to screw up, so give it a go. If you need more justification, it also allows you to completely change up a dress that you’ve worn many times before–who doesn’t love recycling? It’s a flattering look for every body type, and does “casual-chic” to perfection.


If you wanna dress up a t-shirt in a less casual–but tasteful–way, try pairing it with a skirt (any length would suffice–but if wanting to stay on trend, attempt a midi skirt). I’ve created a look using mint sandals, studded tote, and pleated midi-skirt. This look is great for everyday wear, but it let’s you look classy and sophisticated at the same time.


Layering is the best; not only does it keep you much warmer, it changes a look with every additional piece you include. Layering a long-sleeved dress shirt under a tee is a fantastic way to keep you the right temperature this Spring season, but it also makes an “easygoing” outfit look more “thought out”. I’ve paired my tee and dress shirt with a fun animal-print pant and studded clutch. Adding texture and pattern is always a good way to play around with fashion.

VFW Fall/Winter 2014 – Day 3 Recap


Who knew that a harlequin could inspire clothing that is runway ready? Monochrome & Jesters stood to be a major theme in the designer’s Fall/Winter collection. Fur, check, and flattering silhouettes were the stand-out elements within the line.


“Death of a Horse” is Shin Suel Ji’s latest collection, and it remains quite straightforward when viewing horse-print, dark-painted feet, and emphasized nose contouring. The cropped dress-shirts, floor-length coat, and slouchy clutch were a few of my favourite pieces—but to tell you the truth, I love absolutely every piece with horse-print! GAH–gimme gimme.


Dark, edgy, and intense are a few adjectives that could fully describe his collection. Black will never fail a Fall & Winter collection, and Des showers every garment with the shade. Asymmetrical hems, hooded capes, and cone-shaped hoods were the most interesting garments that walked during his show—however nothing stood out as much as the models makeup, which was a large black cross right in your T-zone.


Evan Clayton’s collection, “JENOVA”, ended the night with garments that expressed profound introspection. Inspired from Yoshitaka Amano, the artist behind “Final Fantasy VII”, he explores “human compassion…with the morality of good and totality of evil being questioned”. Edgy dominatrix-like pieces contrasted light feminine garments. Once again, Evan Clayton produces a fantastic line that makes you fall more in love with every glance.

VFW Fall/Winter 2014 – Day 2 Recap



Portugal native, Susana Bettencourt, initiated the start of Vancouver Fashion Week with a bang—showcasing her mastered art of knitting and excellent craftsmanship in fabrics within her F/W 2014 collection, “Real Fake”. Cobalt blue remained the star of the show, marrying beautifully to grey, black, and white. Slouchy full-length cardigans, oversized cowl necklines, draping capes, and a full-length crocheted backless dress made it down the runway—singing the solemn tunes of Fall/Winter. Practical, smart, and chic—each article motions from runway to personal wear effortlessly.


Known for their emphasis on sustainable fashion, Green Embassy stayed true to their roots in their latest collection, “Earth”. Pure tones and prints took on an “earthy” feel as browns, nudes, and off-whites fled the runway. Playing with the use of tulle and organic materials, the collection juxtaposes delicate femininity with primitive robust visualization. Dresses, coats, and a single skirt varied in length and style—however, each piece in the collection worked seamlessly to each other, unifying the “Earth Series” as a whole.


One of the most amazing aspects about Jin & Jacqueline’s product concept is that each piece uses 100% animal-cruelty free leather. Not only do the bags/clutches practice sustainable fashion, the quality is of the highest standard. Take a look at the use of colour and detailed simplicity, and you’ll see why the collection is regarded with praise.


Gabriel Lage’s Fall/Winter collection was the finale to Day 2 of Fashion Week, and calling it “beautiful” and “divine” would be a complete understatement. Viewers were left with dropped-jaws and glistening eyes as each couture gown walked the aisle—paying close attention to the intricate detailing Gabriel Lage faultlessly executed. Beadwork, lace, and cut varied with each gown, however all were floor-length and stayed within a neutral colour palette. The star of the collection gravitated toward the final gown, which so happened to be a stunning long-sleeved, lace-detailed, mermaid-style wedding dress. Oh, and don’t forget the prolonged sheer veil with an embellished border—the finishing touch to a flawless collection.

Rose-Coloured Glasses

Everything is better with rose-coloured glasses–literally and figuratively. These heart-shaped sunglasses are from zeroUV, and it’s hard not to feel cheery when these pretty sunnies are on your face. Pink is celebrated further with a La Moda Clarissa Tote, which I’m dying over due to its retro inspired, diamond pattern design.

The Sheinside Cut Out Chiffon Dress features a unique cut out chest and bandeau neckline. I threw a white quarter-sleeve top underneath ’cause it’s still winter–goddamnit. I ended the look with AMIclubwear Cut Out Sandal Wedges that are a little piece of heaven–plus it’s actually like walking on clouds.

In summation, wear pink, diagonal lines, and cutouts.

Cut Out Chiffon Dress: Sheinside / Heart-Shaped Sunglasses: zeroUV / Wedge Sandals: AMIclubwear / Clarissa Pink Tote: La Moda / White Top: F21

Sup Haters

I’ve only been blogging for less than a year–and although the majority of readers have been extremely positive and encouraging–there are always those haters that will hide behind a screen and publicize unnecessary remarks that make me cringe in embarrassment. Not embarrassed for myself, but embarrassed for them. It speaks loads about their character and negative mentality.

Xander Vintage is my means of expression and my personal style testament. I’m so happy I get to communicate through fashion while living a busy family life. I still get baffled by the idea that people–although not that many–actually read my content. I dedicate this post to all the lovers, haters, and everyone in between. Thank you!

With my Miloh Clothing tee, I welcome all and say, “sup haters, you’re welcome too.”

Sup Haters Tee: Miloh Clothing / Overall Dress: Nasty Gal / Shoes: Vintage

Safe-Fashion for the Fashion-Forward

My gay best-friend, Travis,  saw these photos and told me I reminded him of a modern Jackie O, which in his opinion is the “highest compliment [he] could give since Jackie O is amazing” (his words, not mine). Although it wasn’t the look I was aiming for, I took it as the sweetest remark. Jackie O is an icon who’s style is timeless.

Unlike Jackie O’s flair, this look will not be timeless. HOWEVER it does utilize a fail-safe technique that everyone should apply. Always incorporate both timeless pieces and trending/fun items into a look. For example, I’m doting a pastel sweater and essential white tote–which in my book are pieces that will endure the tenacious world of fashion.

Then we have modern items that are popular and playful. A funky print and eccentric sunnies are pieces that will die out and resurrect themselves a million times over. The heels are in limbo; black heels are classic, yet the style is current. Either way, they complete a look that practises safe-fashion.

This approach is great for someone who’s style is reserved, but desires to be more ‘fashion-forward’. It allows you to feel much more comfortable wearing unconventional pieces, since the timeless will neutralize the oddity (as long as you’re sensible). People will notice a ceramic bowl on your head no matter how ‘timeless’ you dress.

Floral Long-Sleeve Outfit: AMIclubwear / Angie Tote: La Moda / Round Square Cut-Out Sunnies: zeroUV / Cut-Out Bootie Heels: AMIclubwear / Powder Blue Sweater: F21

Interview for

I was interviewed by for a feature as a Style Ambassador. I needed to take some shots of my awesome Violet Havana Rayban’s for the article. Since the frames match my hair swimmingly, I ran with it and made the rest of my ensemble purple & blue.

I threw on my Gentle Fawn Adrift dress and coordinated it with blue metallic socks. I wore AMIclubwear platform heels and ended the look with an Iweartheheadress chain headpiece.

Read the full interview on here.

Adrift Dress: Gentle Fawn / Violet Havana Rayban’s: Clearly Contacts / Wild Chain Headpiece: Iweartheheadress / Chunky Platform Heels: AMIclubwear / Metallised Socks: H&M