The Marriage of Sweaters and Skirts

Sweaters and skirts got married last winter and they’re celebrating their anniversary. Everyone is invited to partake in the wearing of both articles in honour of their holy matrimony.

As a ‘clothing matchmaker’, I’ve introduced AMI LDN sweatshirt to H&M metallic a-line skirt. The pairing was a success, and they invited AMIclubwear Peep Toe Bootie Heels, Clearly Contacts frames, and red turban to witness their undying love (or until the trend croaks).

Personifying clothing is the BESSTTT.

Sweatshirt: AMI LDN / Skirt: H&M / Peep Toe Bootie Heels: AMIClubwear / Glasses: Clearly Contacts / Purse: H&M

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