Spring Dance Ritual

The climate in Vancouver is fairly mild; it snows around 5 days of the year. Recently, the sun was was coming out to play more often, the weather was getting warmer…and BAM, any sign of Spring was gone; Winter came back in full force. Although the first days of snow-fall are beautiful and somewhat calming, it eventually just turns into a slushy, mucky, lackluster mess. I had to do what I could to get that sun back.

I have no idea how a dance or ritual would bring forth anything at all, but I gave it a try anyways. I threw on my waffle floral crown and The Vagabond Queen jewelry, and left with the mission to bring some sunlight  back into this town. I ran into a field and pretty much just span round and round with my florals and amethyst rings facing the sky.

It snowed all night long. So did it work? GOD DAMN RIGHT IT DID. I woke up to beautiful sun and blue skies. No joke, it was something out of a dream. It was absolutely gorgeous, and I can go back to admiring the charming face of Spring.

I’d like to formally thank Waffle and The Vagabond Queen for their assistance. If it wasn’t for them, I’d still be wallowing in the icky snow.

MADDIN Hammered Brass Collar: The Vagabond Queen / Amethyst Druzy Checkered Ring: The Vagabond Queen / Amethyst Druzy Small Dot Ring: The Vagabond Queen / Floral Crown: waffle / Sweater: Vintage / Skirt: Threadsence

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