Everyday is a Day for Pearls

When you think of pearls, you most likely think “classic accessory” that’s kept away for special occasions. Yes, it’s a timeless piece, but that’s exactly why it can be added to an everyday ensemble with ease…and a touch of class.

There’s an influx of large statement necklaces, complete with either ostentatious gems, large chains, or bright stones. Although I adore a chunky necklace that takes over my entire chest, many times it isn’t needed. A simple–but gorgeous–piece does the trick to perfection.

I love this current outfit because it includes every element I desire in an ensemble–texture, colour, and print. It contrasts feminine florals with a masculine reptile texture. It unifies a dressy tulle skirt with a casual striped crop top. It’s varying, bold, and nothing close to ‘vanilla’. And what I believe fuses the entire look is that effortless and charming lavender pearl pendant hanging from my neck.

This beautiful lavender pearl pendant from Pure Pearls isn’t ornate; it’s not that vivid and definitely not colossal in size, however it’s impactful and more importantly, unvarying. It’s the only piece from my outfit that is, and will continue to be, timeless in nature and in fashion.

I love it; It completes me…and this look!

Lavender Freshwater Drop Pearl and Diamond Infinity Pendant: Pure Pearls / Crop Top: H&M / Floral Shirt: H&M / Boots: NastyGal


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  • M D

    Lovely shots! WHo is your photographer? No credits given and they are incredibly talented! Would love to know who they are.

    • xandervintage

      Thank you! The photographer is my fiance. At first he was dragged around, forced to take photos. Now he loves it and photography is slowly becoming a passion of his. He’s becoming pretty darn good! It’s definitely a “win-win” for both of us 🙂

  • http://fuss.co.in Rhea

    Beautiful look and photographs!

    • xandervintage

      Thanks gorgeous lady! xo

  • http://www.fashionpho.com Jacqueline

    Yes, pearls go with anything!! Love these boots too 😀

    • xandervintage

      Thank you! Yes, they really do! Never out of style <3

  • http://www.theskimplelife.com Hazel

    Great pics. I love those boots you have. Great layered pieces.


    • xandervintage

      Thank you so much! The boots are from NastyGal, and they are currently on sale! Love ’em!

  • http://www.robotseatingroses.blogspot.co.uk Ellia Ferro

    Really love the contrasting patterns and textures of this outfit. And that necklace is beautiful; I have so many that I never wear because I think that they’re too precious for every day but the pearls really give this look something extra. Loooove the boots too 🙂 xx