Educate Elevate

Educate the Mind, Elevate the Grind

That’s what Educate Elevate is all about! The brand encompasses positive messaging–knowledge is key to moving up in the world. Educating yourself promotes understanding and compassion towards the turmoil and hardships others face. There is no room for ignorance when it comes to bettering yourself and the world. How does this message have anything to do with clothing? Educate Elevate involves their encouraging memo on their apparel.  I personally see it as a friendly reminder; a reminder to be open-minded, accepting, and most of all, inspirational.

Be inspired from others and inspire others to do the same–educate the mind, elevate the grind.

Green Cropped Colour Block Sweater: Educate Elevate / Black Beanie: Educate Elevate / Skirt: Forever 21 / Boots: Dr. Martens

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