Sunset Stroll in Brights

Brights & Stripes

We decided to take a Friday night stroll to get in some daily exercise (apparently melting into a computer chair all day doesn’t count as sufficient physical activity) and breathe in some of that crisp winter air. We made it just in time to see the orange and red hues fill the sky as the sun set across the horizon. I spent most of my time trying to force Noah to hold my hand. I crave his affection (JUST HUG ME goddamnit), but he’s not the affectionate type; he has more of the ‘don’t-touch-me-ima-do-it-myself’ sort of attitude.  I’ll let him be ‘independent’ until he’s 2.5 years old, then I’ll start the smothering. That gives him another year; enjoy it while you can Noah. Enjoy it while you can.

Speaking in terms of fashion, the multilayered necklace is such a unique piece of jewelry! I love the bright pops of colour and long triangular shape. It adds a little “oomph” to a somewhat simple outfit. Find the necklace at BangGood, and click here for more info.

Overalls: H&M / T-shirt: Xander Vintage / Necklace: BangGood / Boots: H&M

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  • B

    Awesome look! cool blog!
    Following u<3

    • xandervintage

      Thank you! Love your blog as well! I followed back 🙂

  • C.

    What a funny photoshoot 😀 You seem so happy <3 Although It may be a hard for you for him being so "independent" I love to see independent kids I always think "this kid is going to have great success" 🙂

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    • xandervintage

      Thank you! I know, it’s very true. It’s bittersweet for sure! 😛 xo

  • Emily

    Oh, do you live in Coquitlam??? I live very close to Lafarge Lake! Haha.