Black & Blue (and no, not the BSB Album)

Although the Backstreet Boy’s album–Black & Blue–was the shit (don’t deny it), I ain’t talking about that. I’m talking about a specific pair of colour-blocked denim that I’m definitely excited about! These Mya Black/Blue jeans are from Articles of Society (AOS). I haven’t seen a pair like these before, and they fit fantastically (and they’re affordable–$59.99 for this pair). YAY for awesome denim! Check out their website, and take a look at the denim, which are currently sold at Nordstrom.

AAAANNNDDD, like I’ve said before, IWEARTHEHEADRESS is amazing! They are having a 50% of everything sale to get rid of past stock. Check out the discounted goods here, and here, and here, and here, here, here!

IMG_7562AOS IMG_7600AOS IMG_7614 IMG_7547AOS IMG_7639AOS IMG_7611 IMG_7586AOS IMG_7650AOSMya Black/Blue Denim: Articles of Society
Paisley Blouse: Xander Vintage
Faux-Fur Jacket: H&M
Bag: Coach


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  • milex

    Full admiration!