Back in Private School


I went to a private high school with uniforms sharing a similar colour pattern; I’m having major flashbacks to the morning frost biting my legs and tush from that freaking kilt. On the other hand, it saved me time every morning from not having to pick an outfit–not that it helped me be on time for any classes!

For this look I’m sporting a Plaid High-Low Suit from OASAP, which features a plaid blouse and a-line skirt. I’m layering with a plaid scarf (which seems to be right on trend since the season is going through a plaid overload), then added some gold accessories and knee-highs!

Oh, and OASAP has Free Worldwide Shipping and 20% OFF First Order. Check it out!

IMG_7476edit IMG_7530 IMG_7496edit IMG_7533 IMG_7499edit IMG_7481edit edit

Plaid High-Low Suit: OASAP
Scarf: H&M
Bag: Forever 21
Necklace: Xander Vintage
Flats: Xander Vintage


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  • Keit

    Hhah, I’m getting cold just by looking at the photos! But this outfit is sooooo freakin rad. Love the different shades of green, the milky color of the socks and that chunky necklace, it’s just perfect!

    • Xander Vintage

      Thanks beautiful! Gah, I know. It was freezing that day. Can’t wait for some much needed sunshine! Xo

  • Rona

    WOW! what an amazing outfit, Green looks perfect on you and your style is awesome!

    Dress To Cook

    • Xander Vintage

      Thanks lovely! You’re too kind! Xo

  • IoNelly

    I am a big fan of your blog! You are doing a great job here! Great source of ispiration! today just had some photos inspired from preepy style! You look amazing, but I guess u know it! 🙂

    • Xander Vintage

      Thank you so much! Preppy is definitely fun once in a while! Xoxo 🙂

  • milex

    Nice, darling!