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  • Keit

    This sweater must be the coolest piece I’ve seen in a while. It looks so comfy and sexy, which is a rare combination 😀

  • lick the burguer

    wow! Alanna, you are so beautiful!
    we love your style

    • Xander Vintage

      Thanks! The feeling’s mutual! I’m loving your blog/style. You girls rock!

  • milex

    you’re getting better and better

    • Xander Vintage

      Thanks Milex 🙂 Your words are always so kind!

  • laviniah

    Awesome look! So glad to have come across your blog via
    Your style is so effortless and unique! I’m now following x

    • Xander Vintage

      Thanks for the kind words Laviniah! I’m loving your ‘Sweet November’ post, a beautiful & classic look!

  • Michelle

    Love the plaid with the creepers! Perfect for fall


    • Xander Vintage

      Thanks Michelle! I agree, I’m definitely going plaid-crazy this season!