Citizen of Bedrock

I show up to my photographer, Paulina Alexandra’s, place and she immediately goes:

“That vest totally looks like it is from The Flintstones. Is it from a costume?”


“Are you sure?”

“Look at the tag!”

After that conversation, all I see is The Flintstones. I feel like a citizen of Bedrock (and no, that isn’t a bad thing). I visualize myself sitting at a bouldered table with level-headed Wilma, grumbling about our irritations with our significant other, or walking our Sauropods down the stone streets of prehistoric suburbia. It truly does feel appropriate.

However, we aren’t in the Stone Age; it’s 2013 and dressing like a “caveman” is probably frowned upon. But nope, not this vest. It doesn’t count. I’m obsessed with it; it’s oversized, textured, and completely unique! I’ve paired it with a NastyGal dress (yes, I tucked in the dress), a Joe Fresh trouser (yes, I said Joe Fresh), Le Chateau heels, and some gold bling.

Vest available at the Xander Vintage store.

IMG_9556edit IMG_9547edit IMG_9584edit IMG_9522edit IMG_9526edit


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    I found your blog trough and I love it! You are very beautiful and have unique style.

    • Xander Vintage

      Thank you! That is so kind. I checked out your blog; you have great content. Excited to read more of your future posts!

      Alanna xoxo

  • caligularothschild

    I would wear that too…it doesn’t look like a costume, it looks very very high quality. Maybe it was from the movie?

    • Xander Vintage

      Thanks!! It’s not a costume! It’s actually by Simon Chang. After Alex made that comment, I can’t stop thinking about The Flintstones! I love it though, and I’m glad you are on the same page as me 😀

      Alanna xoxo

  • Miss Eliza WonDerland

    The “flintstone” vest looks great with the pants, wouldn’t have thought of that combo, but it looks great with the hair.


    Miss Eliza WonDerland