Bookworm in Geometric

How does one look “smart”? That’s obvious. Wear glasses. Here’s another question, how does one look “smart” and “stylish” at the same time? This is a bit more perplexing, but lands on a similar playing field: glasses and a riveting print. Not even joking, try it.

For example, let’s showcase someone who is neither considered “fashionable” or extremely “intelligent”. What about Gary Busey (although it is a bit vague whether or not he is crazy smart or crazy nuts, let’s assume the latter)? Imagine him with a trendy uppercut, horn-rimmed glasses, and a tartan dress shirt. He would most likely be considered a hipster, but a stylish one none the less. And his intelligence? The lack there of wouldn’t be questioned. Right? Right? Am I right?…

Hmmm, that is still up for discussion, but continuing on topic, my ensemble features a couple of Xander Vintage items. The yellow BCBG vest and geometric print blouse both currently reside in the XV wardrobe. I’ve paired those items with Zara trousers and cobalt Aldo peep-toe heels.

Geometric blouse presently available at Xander Vintage.

IMG_9761edit IMG_9814edit IMG_9855edit


Director/Photographer: Paulina Alexandra


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  • Keit

    Your style is too perfect for words O_O