50 Shades of Brown

80% of my outfit is vintage; It’s been pre-loved. By whom? I wish I could tell you. I would love to know the backstory of every vintage item I own. To know where it’s been, who wore it, what kind of crazy adventures it’s been on, what sad tales it’s experienced.

The mystery is intriguing, and although I will never know the precise historical details, I can only tell you what my instinct tells me. That coat? It was owned by a housewife in the 50’s who enjoyed cooking roast beef and drinking a glass of scotch when her husband wasn’t looking. The dress? Oh, that belonged to a 90’s fortune teller who is still living today and probably knows that I am writing about her as we speak.

I can also tell you where it is living currently; It’s living in the Xander Vintage closet waiting for some cool chick to continue its legacy.

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  • http://marinamaximova.wordpress.com marinamaximova

    Love love love your look! Grate I followed!

    • http://xandervintage.wordpress.com Xander Vintage

      Thanks Marina!! Checked out your blog. It’s great! Love the photos. Beautiful.

  • http://milexblog.blogspot.co.uk milex

    ou’re just beyond everything

    • http://xandervintage.wordpress.com Xander Vintage

      Milex! Thank you! You are unreal. Oh my goodness, your look is amazing! I’m obsessed! xo