Fabulous Faux Fur

Go big or go home; that quote is fully suitable when describing the fur coats of the season. They are fabulous, bold, and are complete statement pieces. Who needs to be confident now-a-days when you can have a coat that can exude “self-importance” for you? When I have my coat, I’ll wear a paper bag over my head and still feel like the sexiest woman on the block. Whether it’s coloured fur, textured fur, long fur, or short fur, Let’s have ‘em all on a shiny silver platter.

Fur Look of zee Day

Fur Outfit

Fur: Topshop , Sunnies: Shopbop, Necklace: Nordstrom, Booties: Jeffery Campbell + Free People, Shirt: Generation Love, Pants: Michael Kors

Even though the ginger fur could be a statement piece of its own, I decided to make an even bigger statement by pairing it with a geometric patterned pant with a similar colour palette. Being suppressive doesn’t always have to be the favourable choice with fur; be ostentatious and add some patterns & more texture to the mix.

Coloured Fur

Wearing fur alone can be intimidating to some, so attempting a coloured fur -especially fuchsia- might be a curdling feat. If you fit in this category, start with darker hues- such as black, grey, navy, forest green, etc. They are less conspicuous but accomplish the same goal. If your sense of style is fearless and gutsy, venture for a bright and take advantage of the current wild & exaggerated fashion pieces that are presently welcomed and accepted. Have some fun with it; you’re allowed!

Colored Fur

Fur Variety

Fur comes in all shapes and sizes! There is a place for it within everyones wardrobe and unique style. Altuzzarra, Alice & Olivia, Alexander Wan, Annakastle, and Rodebjer have provided phenomenal examples of credible ways to wear fur. My personal favourite is the Alice & Olivia Lourdes Cropped Fur Jacket due to it’s versatility and neutrality. Denim or mini-skirt, day or night- the coat can do no wrong.

variety fur collage


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