I feel like Rihanna should have her own term for being a constant inspiration, since she’s a major icon who killzz on the daily (and we’re all just trying to get a little piece of the ‘fierce’). What about ‘inspirihanna’? Okay good. It’s set in stone.

Took inspirihanna from when she was last at Coachella, and incorporated some bobby-pin action on the mane. I probably would of added way more if those pesky pins would stop running away. What about trackable bobby-pins? Do those exist? Can someone please make those?

Shirt: Style Moi / Shorts: Style Moi / Heels: LAMODA / Eyewear: ZeroUV / Hair: Chris Weber Continue Reading

No More Short Shorts


I am SO happy about these Res Denim shorts. SO HAPPY.

I just wanted a great pair of relaxed-fit, distressed, black denim—and I finally found those qualities in this killer boyfriend number.

It’ll be nice to take a break from the constant awareness that comes with sitting in short shorts. At least with a pair of great bermudas, you don’t need to be wary of possible cellulite making a cameo with every leg cross. SCREW YOU PERSISTENT FAT DIMPLES.

Also, this striped top is actually a bodysuit…which makes tucking into bottoms a breeze.

Because there is no tucking involved. It’s a bodysuit.

Shorts: Res Denim / Bodysuit: Pfeiffer / Choker: Vanessa Mooney / Sandals: Vintage Continue Reading

I Can Cyan


I’m doing it again…matching hair to outfit hues. A reader of mine suggested that I colour my hair with the seasons, and that is totally plausible. Regardless, my hair and clothes are constantly matching…and I’m stoked that it’s shades of cyan.

Since I’m taking about hair….Chris Weber is the bEsTeSt (my hair guru).

Shirt: H&M / Pants: H&M / Sunnies: ZeroUV / Sandals: Linzi Shoes Continue Reading

Complete Solace


This Solace dress is pure happiness. I wanted to shoot this look in Puerto Rico, but time went by way too quickly and I never got the chance. I just kept picturing a sunset shoot on the beach, but a dusk shoot at the dunes will have to suffice!

This beautiful bright orange is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, and is perfect for a Summer getaway! I’ll be bringing this beauty to Europe with me for sure!

Dress: Solace London / Barbados Floral Crown: Iweartheheadress Continue Reading

Romantic Getaway City Guide: San Juan

Mat and I just got back from our romantic getaway to San Juan, Puerto Rico. It  was one of the best trips we’ve been on, and we’ve been quite a few places around the world. Everything—from weather, food, people, accommodation—was impeccable. Our stay at the San Juan Marriott was an awesome choice for us, because it was close to everything (restaurants, beach, airport, cafes, stores, etc) and the staff were extremely friendly and a breeze to deal with.

Our entire trip was 5 days long (3 full days in San Juan), so we utilized our time efficiently and tried to soak in as much as we could.

I’ve made a list of our top activities and favourite places to grab a bite/drink, plus a wish-list for our next visit. Hopefully you find it helpful for your next romantic getaway! Continue Reading