Anti Cliche Holiday

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Give a warm welcome to the influx of red and green. But not gonna lie, It can get a bit much. Even though we can’t run away from it this season, we can purposely not incorporate it into our party outfits…and I’m down with that. I want to stand out, not blend in! Continue Reading



We just booked our tickets to Paris for next summer—so excited! It’ll be the first time we head over to Europe as a family of 4. And since it’s currently on the brain, let me hit you up with some Parisienne flair

This look is from Secret Location, and I always have a blast playing around in their highly curated store because every piece is inspiring and so gosh darn beautiful. The way that Noah feels walking around a candy store, is how exactly how I feel walking around Secret Location. Continue Reading

Kilt Nostalgia

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Kilts immediately bring me back to my high school days, although that involved a much–MUCH–shorter skirt. And instead of denim under the kilt, I’d rep sweat-pants during the car ride to school ’cause short skirts during cold-ass months is another sort of hell. But I’d take the sweatpants off as soon as I got to school…because, me in sweatpants? No chance. Continue Reading

Sweaty Stuff


After Noah’s karate class, it was a race back home. Tryna squeeze in a photoshoot with two kids and limited daylight after Mat gets home from work ain’t no walk in the park. It’s sweaty stuff. Shooting posts isn’t as painless as it—sort of—once was, which is why they aren’t as frequent for me now-a-days. But, I was glad I got to fit one into today’s schedule (even with a bouncy 4-year-old and fussy baby).  Continue Reading

H&M + The Kit


Have you seen H&M’s Studio AW 2016 Collection? HELLO, romantic folklore! It’s a special blend of swedish tradition and 80s edge. And if you’re a lover of red—like moi—you’re in for a treat. I shopped this look last week at the Pacific Center location while celebrating the national launch of The Kit Compact. The Kit is a hit at it’s homebase in Toronto, so they’ve decided to expand the publication by creating local versions in major cities across Canada (Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Vancouver)—-bonjour, The Kit Compact!  You can rely on this mag to shell out the top trends in beauty and fashion, and I’m stoked to read a trendy mag directed to Vancouverites! Continue Reading

Give a Sh!rt with Value Village


It’s back-to-school time! And even though I’m not heading back to school anytime soon, my wee little 4 year old is on his way to preschool (and obviously he needs some new gear).

I’m partnering with Value Village to promote their latest initiative, which is to save 700 million gallons of water. How? by making your next new T-shirt a thrift one. Continue Reading

Everyday Glam


No longer will this gorg gold dress be forced to stay indoors, pulled out once every 3 years. Now, everything is wearable these days. This long shiny dress has somehow turned into an ‘everyday’ piece, and I’m down with it.  Continue Reading