Case of the Coll Shore


According to the Spice Girls, when 2 become 1, good things happen. In the case of the Coll Shore, this logic stands true (sounds like a good mystery novel, non?). These boot/sneaker hybrid beauties from Clarks USA are definitely one of my favourites this season, because you can’t really go wrong with slick black leather and a white flatform!

AND these booties are appropriate for every season. Fall? Winter? Spring? Summer? Yep. Yep. Yep. Yep.

I’ve gone full black & white with this outfit: black skinnies, white moto jacket, and black boater hat. But, these booties certainly are the cherry on the cake!

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IMG_0008_1xvsmHow do I get ready for a night out? Let me count the ways…(Hint: it includes 9 lovely Benefit products). Mat and I always take time to go on special dates, and if they include getting pretty, dressing up, and dancing…well, that’s even better!

Today I’m sharing how I get ready for a date night, which includes a new important accessory I don’t leave without! Benefit Cosmetics has teamed up with Pinch Provisions to create the ultimate party survival kit, The POREfessional’s “Best.Night.Ever Kit”.

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Freaking Dead Leaves


It won’t be long until all these leaves are gone to rest, so appropriate measures have been taken to capture the quintessential “fallen leaves” shoot every blogger take part in annually.

Now that blurb about the stereotypical blogger is finished, I do love these freaking dead leaves. Orange is just my colour. It probably clashes with my hair, but I deal. Continue Reading

A Week in Glasgow


I had the opportunity to explore Glasgow with Air Transat and Flare Magazine for the web series, ‘Style Jaunt‘. It’s all about unifying fashion and travel, experiencing a new city through the eyes of Canadian fashion bloggers. I was lucky enough to get invited, along with Gracie Carroll, to head down to Glasgow for a week and check out what the city has to offer.

From vintage boutiques to modern shops, sandwich cafes to whiskey bars, Gracie and I took full advantage of our week with little to no downtime (except for a night of dancing on the Saturday). I’ve accumulated a little photo diary, documenting the interesting places we visited and the delicious meals we consumed. These pictures don’t do the trip justice, you’ll have to watch the series when it comes out, which will be sometime between Feb-March…but don’t worry, I’ll remind you again before it does!

They did a past season in Lisbon, check it here. Continue Reading

Forever You with Forever 21


In the midst of Fashion Month, it isn’t hard to notice the slew of street style images popping up on all of our screens. We watch as fashionistas explore trends and take them to the extreme, but fashion isn’t about unthinkingly following the hottest trends. These fashionistas have flair, sheer magnetism and a distinct understanding of what their personal style is. It’s this familiarity—and resulting confidence— that is so enchanting. Continue Reading

Girl’s Night In


I don’t know about you guys, but Vancouver was just hit with a MAJOR windstorm that made a bunch of trees fall, power was out everywhere, and the city went a bit mad. Obviously, my girls and I dealt with the situation like it was a cakewalk and considered ourselves blessed that we had a “girl’s night in” planned. 

With the sun dwindling down and electricity suddenly non-existent, we cozied up in the backyard and had bonding time without any distractions. We also had the best survival gear possible—sweets, beats, Palm Bay treats, and an instax mini to document the night. Continue Reading

Not Your Awkward Denim from 2000


Denim skirts are back in action! And not like the awkward short denim skirts of the early 2000′s, but the flattering high-waisted, pencil cut, distressed kind. I’ve paired this skirt with a white sheer top w/butterfly sleeves (great transitional piece into Fall), white sneakers, and gold accessories.

Keeping it simple, casual, but never plain as vanilla.

Skirt: One Teaspoon / Top: Aila Blue / Sneakers: Spring / Earrings: H&M

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Silver Lining


August–when we reflect on Summer’s annual demise. The silver lining? Transitional dressing.

The transition from Summer to Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year, and a favourite of mine when it comes to dressing. We start wearing deeper/richer hues, layering, and considering materials.

This look?  I’m playing around with deeper purples and trench-coating (the waterproof and transparent kind). Also, little crossbody bags are still here in full force, and this circular pink JUJU bag is just the cutest.

Raincoat: Topshop / Dress: Motel / Shoes: T.U.K. / Bag: JUJU Continue Reading