How I Select Maternity Wear…


I haven’t bought too many maternity pieces yet, but it’s important that I pick pieces that are also wearable when not pregnant (‘cause some maternity wear ain’t cheap). So far, I’ve gotten a pair of black skinnies, a deliciously warm parka, and this striped dress from Topshop.  This lovely Free People skirt isn’t maternity, but it’s stretch is AMAZING and will do the job even when 8 months rolls around. Continue Reading

Calm the Crazy


Really loving’ these set of photos…mainly due to this dreamy For Love & Lemons dress. Winter? Spring? Summer? Or Fall? I don’t know, but this dress works for all the above!

I’m also loving Lack of Color—an Australian hat brand that delivers the nicest, sturdiest hats. One time Mat completely squashed my Rocco Hat, seen here, and all hell broke loose. Until I realized that the hat still stood in perfect form, so I calmed the crazy. (don’t mess with my hats, grrr) Continue Reading

Life Works in Mysterious Ways


 I had the chance to be a part of an awesome editorial with ELLE Canada + Nordstrom, so I hopped on a plane for a quick trip to Toronto last Sunday morning and came back home Monday night—ridiculously quick! Even though it was a hasty trip, I took full advantage of some minimal ‘alone’ time:  a long bath, slept in till 11, late breakfast in bed…can’t complain. Continue Reading

Back on Track


Last Saturday was mainly spent driving around doing NADA, which was something sort of amazing. These past few months have been hectic (new house, baby on the way, holidays, blogging world, family responsibilities,…LIFE—the list goes on), and we were stuck in this little engrossed bubble always doing something. Story of everyone’s life, I’m sure. Continue Reading

Happy Place


Prints + textures + colour = my happy place.

Found this fringy chevron cardigan from MINKPINK that gave me all those instant good feels, and paired it with this vibrant midi dress by Tigerlily. It has some spandex in it, so it’s extremely comfortable and has some stretch (which is perfect for my growing baby bump).

Cardigan: MINKPINK / Dress: Tigerlily / Boots: Nasty Gal / Head Wrap: Iweartheheadress Continue Reading

Regular Ol’ Self


Finally feeling back to my regular ol’ self! Early pregnancy is a killer. I literally felt like I was dying. I asked Mat if he was poisoning my food little by little. He denied it. Turns out he was telling the truth.

I’ve forgotten how much I actually take comfort in vivid, clashing, glaring hues. My outfits have been lacking colour lately–probably thanks to minimalism, normcore, and the gosh darn popular theory that “less is more”. I’ve never really believed that. Continue Reading

Snowy Days In Swansea


I’m talking about snowy days in these Swansea Grove boots from Clarks USA, not Swansea the city (which, apparently is in Wales..thanks again Wikipedia). These shots were actually just taken in my backyard, since the first day of sticky snowfall occurred in my neighbourhood! A few days shy from Christmas, but better late than never. Continue Reading

3 Day Countdown


3 days till Christmas! It’s a bit scary how quickly the years go by, it felt like Christmas 2014 was yesterday (I think I wrote the same thing a year ago about 2013). Sorry for the redundancy.

Presents are bought and wrapped, family + friends are coordinating their plans to come visit, and Christmas tunes are at an all time high. What’s next? For the most of us, it’ll be a mad-dash to the finish line to get everything done and ready. And then a mad-dash to prepare/cook the meals and be a gracious host. And then? And then try to chill out for a few hours. And finally? BOXING DAY.

Barely time to unwind, so I think I’ll have to get my retail therapy done online. If you’re looking for more footwear (I’ve been talking A LOT about boots lately, sorry, can’t help it). Clarks USA is having a ‘20% Off Sale’ starting this Saturday! Use code: CHEER.  Continue Reading

Boots on my LYST


Today marks the first day of the season in which SNOW touched my neighbourhood. It didn’t last long, quickly turning into rain, but it definitely solidified my current wardrobe—and that includes a semi-permanent spot for boots. Since boots have quickly become an everyday essential, here are 5 types of boots that are currently in rotation in my closet; Moto Boots, Chelsea Boots, Dressy Boots, Rain Boots, and Over-The-Knees.

I don’t know if y’all heard of Lyst, but it’s a site that allows you to shop (clothing, shoes, bags, asseccories, etc) from over 10,000 brands + stores on one nicely organized platform. So, when it comes to boots, selection is no exception–it’s off the hook. I’ve curated a list of  favourites that follow my 5 must-have styles: Continue Reading